What Biden and the Biden family are up to as the election nears

A family business is the newest and most visible way that Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, have spent their early days in politics.

The Biden Family Business Council, or BFC, is the Biden’s family’s family business arm, a new and growing organization focused on helping business owners and small businesses.

Biden and Jill Biden launched the organization in 2015, when they took over the reins of their father’s presidential campaign.

Since then, the BFC has grown from a handful of companies to nearly 70.

In a statement, Biden said he wanted the BSC to “give a voice to small business owners across the country.”

The Biden family has been one of the few political entities that has been able to capitalize on the success of the Sanders campaign.

In the 2016 campaign, the Biden brothers used their wealth to launch the Biden Foundation, which has given nearly $1 billion to nonprofits, including those focused on health, education, and youth.

It’s not uncommon for wealthy people to invest in nonprofits to fund their political campaigns.

This year, Biden’s daughters, Caroline and Jill, joined the BDC as directors.

“We believe in the power of small businesses to bring positive change, to give hope to communities, to create jobs, and to build a better tomorrow,” Jill Biden said in a statement.

The BFC is an umbrella organization for Biden Family businesses, as well as Biden’s non-profit organizations.

In addition to their direct business interests, Biden and Biden’s two sons, Beau and Joe, are members of the BFLC, the family’s political organization.

Jill Biden has been a major fundraiser for the BFD, raising nearly $200,000 during the 2016 cycle.

BFC members are invited to attend its board meetings and hold meetings with its board, as long as they are “at least a year old.”

They’re also required to attend two other board meetings per year, one in the summer and one in December.

BFB members are also given an option to be an officer on the board of the Biden Family Foundation, a non-partisan nonprofit organization focused “on empowering women and girls through entrepreneurship.”

In January, Biden hosted a summit for the Biden-backed Biden Foundation on the topic of the women and kids in the workforce.

In May, Biden unveiled a new Biden Family Advisory Council.

The group will focus on the next generation of Biden Family business leaders, and will include representatives from companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Walmart.

It will also include Biden’s son Beau, who has been an executive in the family for the past two decades.

Biden has said he believes the Biden legacy will include the creation of jobs, economic opportunity, and a brighter future for all Americans.

“The Biden legacy is a story of success, perseverance, and personal responsibility,” Biden said during his inauguration speech in January.

The most recent BFC member to join the BFG is the popular online dating service Match.com.

Match was launched in 2015 by the Bidens, and the BFB has since become a member of the company.

As the BFL expands, it will also be joining other popular dating services like OKCupid, Match, and Bumble.

In February, Biden announced that he had signed on as the chief executive of Match, becoming the third member of his family to lead a dating site.

This isn’t the first time Biden has joined the dating industry.

He was an early investor in the site Plenty of Fish, which was shut down by its founders after it became popular for its lack of quality and its controversial dating ads.

Biden’s political influence and financial ties to the dating business aren’t unique.

Biden also invested in Match and BFF, two of the top 100 dating services on the market at the time of his inauguration.

He also founded a dating company, Ashley Madison, and donated millions of dollars to the nonprofit group that operates it.

The family also owns and operates a large investment fund, which includes a $5 million endowment for Biden Foundation.

In 2014, Biden donated nearly $3 million to the Biden School of Public Service.

The school has since expanded, and now serves more than 1,300 students and staff members, including Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden announced his candidacy for president in 2015.

The future of the family business goes beyond politics, however.

Biden is a major backer of the new BFF program.

“Our family is proud to be a founding member of BFF.

We have long had a strong connection to the BFF community and hope to continue our legacy of supporting the work of BFC in its mission to empower business leaders through philanthropy,” Jill said in an announcement announcing the BFP.

The program will include a partnership with the Biden Presidential Center in New York, which is dedicated to “the empowerment of business leaders across the United States through training, education and networking opportunities.”

The center is set to open in 2017, and


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