The biggest risk to wine production in Italy is climate change

The first step to the wine industry’s survival is a climate-friendly policy, which is not to mention the price that consumers will pay.

That’s the conclusion of a report released today by the Wine Institute of Italy, a Brussels-based NGO.

Its findings suggest that the global climate change-driven increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations could have serious economic consequences for Italy’s wine industry.

It’s not just Italy’s national government and its government in the lower house of parliament that are worried about climate change.

Across Europe, businesses and consumer groups are also worried.

“We need to start taking climate change seriously,” said Stefano Bagnio, Wine Institute’s senior policy advisor.

“It is already happening.

It is happening now.”

The report examines the economic impact of climate change, and the risk of the Italian wine industry to survive, in terms of both economic and social impact.

Its author, Stefano Borghi, is an expert on climate change economics and is director of the Centre for Policy Analysis and Research (CAPAR), an institute that promotes sustainable economic growth.

The report also looks at the potential impact of Italy’s winemaking industry to become a globally dominant force in the industry, as well as the impact that climate change could have on the supply chain.

“Climate change is an economic problem, but it’s also a social problem,” said Borghie.

“Wine production is the biggest business in Italy, so we need to do everything we can to make sure we protect it.”

For instance, the report argues that Italy’s small and medium-sized enterprises are more vulnerable to climate change than its large and mid-sized ones.

“If you’re a small producer, you might not have enough capacity to cope with climate change,” said Bagnie.

If a wine-producing operation becomes less profitable, there’s a greater likelihood that the winemaker will be forced to reduce the amount of grapes grown in order to stay competitive, the study suggests.

And, if winemakers are forced to increase the production of certain varieties, there is also a potential for them to be more vulnerable.

It could be even more catastrophic for Italian winemakers than for many of their European competitors.

A report by CAPAR last year said Italy is already one of the biggest wine producers in the world.

“Italy’s wine is the third most important wine export, after Spain and France, but in terms.

of wine, it is the second most important export,” said Giorgio Rizzi, the head of wine at the Italian Institute of Technology (ITO), who co-authored the report with Stefano Boschi.

The economic implications of climate action Italy’s government is trying to be a part of the solution.

It has pledged to take a five-point strategy to protect and promote the wine sector.

First, Italy needs to make a concerted effort to promote climate-neutral growth in the economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The strategy is called ‘Aquila’ and it is meant to help the government to meet its commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by 20% from 2020.

“The goal of Aquila is to create a new economic paradigm and create an environment where Italy’s producers can flourish,” said Rizziso.

Italy’s Minister of Economy, Tourism and Sport, Antonio Fagioli, has already launched a climate strategy called ‘Innovation and Renewal’, which aims to make Italy a leader in the global wine industry, and to reduce CO 2 emissions by 30%.

It’s the second strategy that Italy has launched after the Wine and Wine Glass (WWG) initiative in 2014, which aims for the production and consumption of wine in all countries, regardless of whether the country is a member of the EU or not.

According to Fagoli, the goal of this strategy is to ensure that the wine production, production and the supply chains of Italy are environmentally sustainable.

“Innovations are happening in the wine and wine glass industries that have the potential to bring significant changes to Italy,” he said.

And if the Italian government and other sectors take action to improve their own business models, then the impact will be greater for the country as a whole.

“You can have a successful wine industry if all of your suppliers are environmentally-friendly,” said Boschi, who is currently working as the head for Italian consumer products at the consultancy Cagliari.

“But if you’re not environmentally-responsible, then you can’t have a success.

It means that you have to become more innovative.”

In addition to climate and economic issues, the Wine Initiative of Italy recommends that governments increase their efforts to tackle the spread of tobacco use and its associated disease.

“Many people in Italy believe that the tobacco industry is the problem, not the industry,” said Federico Saccone, the Head of Strategy at the Wine IGI.

“They don’t


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