Mascara company to sue for damages after losing bid to buy NRL

More than a year after Mascaras company was declared bankrupt, the family business that supplied the famous gel eyeliner is now suing for damages. 

It’s the latest in a string of legal actions by the Mascaria family over the sale of its trademark, and the latest legal blow to Mascarras brand after the NRL failed to pay royalties to Mascaras since the end of last season. 

Mascarasca was founded by a pair of businessmen in 2004 and is owned by two Italian families who bought the brand in 2012. 

“It’s sad that the Mascararas brand is not used in the sport anymore,” said Mascars’ chief executive Giuseppe Mascari, in a statement.

We are in negotiations with the Maccari company to get the right price for the trademark.””

We want to make a profit for our children and our business, which is why we have launched this legal action. 

We are in negotiations with the Maccari company to get the right price for the trademark.”

In a statement issued to Reuters on Thursday, Mascaris family said that the lawsuit is “completely baseless” and that “the company has never been in business to make money”.

“Mascari has never filed a trademark registration in Italy, and he is not registered with the Italian national trademark office, so we are not aware of his name or company,” the statement said.

“It’s also very important that this lawsuit is not in any way connected to the Mancarelli affair.”

The lawsuit claims that the NRL has not paid royalties to the family company since the 2014-15 season.

The Mascarmas were last seen in the spotlight in January, when a series of leaked emails revealed that the company’s board was considering selling the trademark and that the family was willing to pay up to €1 million for the rights to the name.

The leaked emails were leaked to The New York Times by a former Mascaro who was forced to leave the company after his personal details were published in a story about the alleged Mascarcas’ dealings.

The NRL’s chief legal officer, Stephen Larkin, told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Tuesday that the team was not planning to sell the trademark.

“We don’t have any plans to sell or change our name or brand,” Larkin said. 

The Maccaras’ lawsuit also alleges that Mascaronese has been “mismanaged” in the past, and that he and his brother Giusepio Mascariello, who also owned Mascarpa, have been “misused” by other companies and individuals.

The Italian newspaper also alleges the Mactari family was not the sole owner of Mascarroz, which was founded in 1993 by brothers Paolo and Luciano Mascario.

In 2012, the Macari brothers were also forced to resign from the Mocari family, following allegations that they received kickbacks for the sale and sale of the company.

The brothers and the Mascalese are also named in the suit, along with former Maccaro, Paolo, Luciano and Paolo Mascarello.


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