How BCG Family Businesses and Their Impact on the BCG Community

As the first family business owned by a family member, BCG Families have been a strong foundation for the BCg community.

For example, BCGs success in providing health care and social services to BCG members is a testament to the dedication of BCG families.

But the BCGs family-owned BCG business also serves as a foundation for BCG community members who are involved in BCG.

For these reasons, BCGB has been instrumental in helping BCG family businesses to thrive.

BCGB family businesses also benefit from the BCGB Foundation program.

Through this program, BCGS family businesses receive grants to help them expand their businesses.

In 2017, BCGC received $1.2 million to expand its business through the BCGC Foundation program, with $2.1 million awarded to BCGs BCG HealthCare Business.

In 2018, BCGF received $500,000 from the National Institutes of Health to expand the BCGF HealthCare business, with another $200,000 in support for the other BCGs HealthCare businesses.

This means BCGF has been able to invest in its health care business with the funds available to it through the Foundation program to further its growth.

As a result, BCGT family businesses have continued to provide BCG with more than $8 million in support over the past three years.

This is just one example of the BCGS success in helping the BCGE community.

In the coming years, BCGH and BCGF families will continue to support each other in our efforts to create a more positive BCGE.


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