Mahindra Family Business: ‘Success for all’

Mahindras parent company, DSR Group, has been given a ‘win’ for the second year in a row for its “success for all” strategy, which aims to “create a better world”.RTE Sport understands that “successful” has been the buzzword at the Mahindrani family business.RTE Sports understands that Mahindre’s success has been attributed to the fact that the family business has been able to expand beyond its core business, with a large focus on health and wellness products, while also working towards creating a “better world” through its healthcare strategy.

The family business began with Mahindrea’s mother in 1976, and was originally a small textile company that manufactured garments and accessories.

In 2008, the family company started expanding into a health and wellbeing business and, with the backing of Mahindram and Mahindrata, started to take on other areas such as retail and health care.

In 2016, the Mahindu group began investing in a new healthcare venture, the DSR Health, with Mahinda Mahindri and his son, Mahindrik.

“This is what has made the Mahinda family business so successful, success for all, with its emphasis on the well being of its customers and employees,” said RTE Sport in a statement.

“Success has meant that we are now able to create a more positive and happy environment for our customers and to create an even stronger Mahindradi family, with an even larger role for its employees and shareholders.”

Mihindra has a global reach, with outlets in India and more than 150 countries, as well as over 50,000 employees worldwide.


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