Family business YouTube channel launches new family channel for kids and adults – WHarton Family Business

The family business YouTube Channel whartonfamilybusiness has been launched with a new family-friendly channel dedicated to making the family as easy as possible for kids.

The family-focused channel is aimed at kids, teens and adults who want to get to know their parents better, share their interests and find new friends.

YouTube Channel whesonfamilybusiness launch YouTube channel is now available to sign up for a free account.

WhartonFamilyFamilyBusiness, the new family business channel on YouTube, will focus on helping kids learn more about their parents, share more family history and get to keep their family traditions alive.

“Our goal is to help children learn to be a family, and that includes sharing their family history,” said Chris White, vice president of content and marketing for WHarton.

“We are also looking to make sharing family history a little more personal, which includes sharing photos, videos and audio with your parents.”

White added that the family business also has a section for parents looking to learn more.

“You’ll also find our parents-to-be section, which is where you can find out more about how our parents have raised our kids and what they’ve learned through our experiences.”

WHartonFamilybusiness will also have a section on health for parents and kids who want more information on health topics like nutrition, exercise, mental health, parenting, sleep and more.

The family business will be available in two languages, English and Spanish.

The new family site is available for a limited time starting today.

For more on WHarton, visit


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