‘Carly’ to launch ‘Caroline’ food brand in Ireland

Carly’s Irish breakfast food brand Caroline will launch in Ireland with a dedicated food service in the first wave of the brand’s expansion plans, which aim to establish itself in the domestic food market.

Carly, a new venture that will be launched in Ireland in March 2018, is based in Cork and is expected to have a total of 50 outlets across the country by 2019.

Carrie McIlroy, the brand ambassador for Carly in Ireland, said the Irish market has been an extremely fertile breeding ground for the brand.

“The country is one of the most dynamic food markets in the world and our team is confident that our food business will grow in Ireland.

The growth of Caroline will be a positive for all of our customers and it will allow us to expand our international footprint in this market.”

Carly’s food will be available at all of its outlets, with the intention of expanding to the rest of the world as it develops.

The brand is currently operating a small range of food products in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and is looking to expand its global reach.

Carol’s founder, Katie McIloy, said Caroline’s brand will be “a positive for everyone in the industry” and that the brand would be able to expand in other areas as well.

“We want Caroline to grow in a sustainable manner,” she said.

“It is an opportunity to grow the brand and to create more jobs and opportunities for Irish people.

We want Caroline and Ireland to be one of those places that people will come to when they need to get fresh food and make a difference.

The opportunity is there for us to be successful.

We need to grow it and we need to create jobs.”

McIloy said she believes the launch of Caroline in Ireland is a “huge milestone” for the company and its Irish team.

“It is a very big milestone for Caroline and for Irish food,” she added.

“Carly will be the first of its kind and will offer a fresh breakfast menu for families, for school groups and for those who want to go to cafes.

We are excited about the opportunities that Caroline will bring to the Irish food industry and the people of Ireland.”


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