The Corleone Family Business: ‘I’m sorry we had to go through this’

Corleones family business is preparing to lay off two workers after it’s struggling to make payroll for two years.

The company is a major part of the Corleons, the family-owned conglomerate that includes the Coronas.

“It’s a sad day, but we’re doing it for the family,” said Coronado’s co-owner, Joe Coronada, in a statement.

“We’re trying to find a way to keep them busy.”

The company will also be shedding about 70 jobs, according to a statement from Coronados president and CEO, Steve Coronadillo.

“This is an important business decision,” said the statement.

Coronads company, which includes the corona family business and two other business groups, had revenue of about $5.6 billion last year, according a regulatory filing.

It was the second-biggest employer in the state of Florida, according, to the state.

In addition to Coronadas operations, the company also has stakes in Florida Power & Gas and Miami-Dade County.

Coroner’s office spokeswoman, Laura Cunha, confirmed that Coronades medical examiner was conducting an investigation into the family business.

She did not immediately know how long the investigation was expected to take.

Corondas family business has been under fire in recent years for its ties to the death of a Florida man.

In 2016, a Coronando executive was arrested on federal charges stemming from the death.

The Coronade’s brother, Steve, was indicted last year for allegedly using his family business to pay for a $2,000 funeral home trip for his wife, who died from cancer.

Corone family spokesperson, Julie Coronader, said in a news release that the Corones had hired a third-party law firm to investigate the Corone business, but they were not aware of any wrongdoing.

“The Coronones family is confident that all parties will cooperate with the investigation, and will take any steps necessary to resolve this matter,” she said.


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