Wharton family businesses: family business nation (KFNC) is valued at more than $100m (ABC News)

A family business that operates hotels and restaurants in the New York and New Jersey areas is valued by investors at more to $100 million, according to a valuation published in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The family business empire includes hotels and eateries such as Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Marquis and has been in business for about a century.

Wharton Family Business empire – a name synonymous with Wharton & Harlan Wharton, Inc. in the U.S.

A company listed on the NYSE under the trade name of Wharton Family businesses, the family business enterprise (KFK) is one of the largest privately held family business enterprises in the United States and has annual revenues of $80 billion, according an SEC filing.

The company was valued at $90.5 million, up from $80.5 in 2017, according a filing from the company.

Whisarton Family companies include hotels and restaurant franchises such as The Wharton Hotel Group, Hilton Garden Inns, Marriott Marquises, Holiday Inn and others, according the filing.

Whysarton Family business is valued to be valued at about $100.5 billion, an SEC spokesperson told ABC News.

Whistler Family businesses have been around for more than 100 years, the spokesperson said.

Whistlers family businesses operate in more than 50 countries.

The family businesses empire is based in Texas, with a national footprint of 15,000 hotels and more than 30,000 restaurants.


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