Brouwerij De Beerland van Woudenberg – ‘The Belgian Brouwers’

Brouwalij De Brouerij is a small beer brewery that has been making and distributing Belgian-style beers since the mid-1990s.

It opened its doors to the public in May 2018, and the next year the brewery took over a warehouse in the Dutch city of Deventer for its new home.

De Brousse is now producing around 70 beers, mostly from its own barrel-aged batches and a few seasonal beers.

“We’re in a really good place in terms of growth, and it’s really about the quality of our beer,” said De Bross, the company’s co-founder and head brewer.

The Belgian-inspired beers have a strong Belgian character, with a light body, light mouthfeel and a strong aroma.

The brewery uses a “lager yeast” to give the beers a strong body and a low alcohol content, which makes them perfect for brewing with large batches.

De Bruijn is also working on its first new Belgian-based beer since 2013, the De Bruicht Ale, which was brewed with a combination of two Belgian yeast strains.

“It’s a really nice beer, but it has a lot of character and it needs more time,” said de Bruijn’s founder and head brewmaster Jan de Bruik.

The new beer is expected to be released sometime in 2019.

The next wave of growth will be brewing a few beers in collaboration with the Netherlands’ most successful microbrewery, Brouwynder Brewing, which de Bruij started in 2008.

“This is one of the first places we’ll be brewing with our friends,” de Bruiks said.

De Bouillon, De Bruij’s biggest and most popular beer, is a Belgian-like pale ale that has a medium body and has a subtle maltiness to it.

The beer is also very light, making it perfect for drinking on a hot summer day.

The company is planning to launch its third and fourth Belgian-styled beers this year, and is also looking to launch an experimental sour beer called Flemish Sourdough Sour, which will be brewed with yeast from the Belgian-Belgian hybrid of Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces.

“If we are successful, we hope to open a new brewery in Belgium, and we will be one of a number of Belgian breweries that will be competing for the title of Belgian-made beers,” de Bouillon said.


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