What you need to know about the India-US trade pact

Australia and the US have announced a trade deal that will give both countries access to a vast new pool of cheap goods.

The deal is set to be ratified by the world’s largest trading bloc.

The accord was also expected to be signed during the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China.

“This is a win-win for both sides,” the US trade representative, Michael Froman, said.

“This will provide both economies access to goods and services that they desperately need.”

The deal will see the US and India enter into a new arrangement that will allow the US to import goods from Australia and import goods in excess of what is currently permitted by bilateral trade agreements.

“We are confident that this agreement will make a significant impact on Australia’s trade in goods, which is estimated to be more than $4 trillion a year,” Froman said.

“With more than one-third of Australian exports being manufactured by American businesses, it is essential that Australia’s interests are protected in the future.”

The TPP agreement is an important step forward in ensuring Australia’s long-term economic competitiveness, and will be welcomed by both Australia and America.

“The US and Australia signed a trade agreement earlier this month, which will include Australia joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.”

It’s been one of the best weeks of my life,” Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said after the deal was signed.”

I’m delighted that I’ve been able to see the benefits of the deal, which includes a huge increase in Australian exports and a real boost to the Australian economy,” he said.

The deal is expected to lead to greater trade between Australia and TPP members including New Zealand and Singapore.

The agreement will also create a new chapter in Australia’s global trade history, as the US-Australia trade agreement with New Zealand will come into force on July 1.

The TPP, which was signed by President Donald Trump in April and ratified by Congress in July, is designed to expand trade between the US, Australia, Japan and the 15 other Pacific Rim countries and the European Union.TPP will allow trade in services to flow from the US through to the other 15 members, but there will be a limit to how much goods can be traded in each country.TPP members are also expected for the first time to ratify the Agreement on Services Agreement, which would give them a way to share the benefits from economic growth in their own economies.

Australian President Michael Ignatieff said the TPP was a “game-changer” for the economy.”

As a former Australian businessperson, and now an American president, I have been in touch with the Australian Government to express my gratitude for the TPP,” he told reporters.”

For me, the agreement is a game changer for the global economy, which has been in recession for some time.

“Australia’s economy is at its strongest since the 1970s.

We’re creating jobs, and the TPP will make Australia’s economy grow and flourish.”

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