Why the logo for Reliance Family Business Brewing has been changing

With the company in financial trouble and struggling to maintain its branding, the brewer’s logo has changed, too.

The family business brewery is now branded with a logo that is much less traditional.

The company says it has had a hard time keeping up with the changing times.

“The logo changed, as it always has, because of the way we look at the business,” the brewery’s president, Suresh Goyal, told ABC News.

“It’s just been a constant change.

I think the last few months have been tough.”

In 2013, the company made its first-ever ad, but it was a brand change.

“We were just so focused on doing business in India and building the brand in that country, and we were just trying to be an authentic family business in the country, but there’s always a changing market,” Mr Goyal said.

But it took a year for the brand to take shape. “

So, we decided to do an ad campaign and we thought, well, maybe we should take a few things out and do an advertising campaign to help get more of the word about our business out.”

But it took a year for the brand to take shape.

The logo was a combination of the company’s main logo and the words Reliance India.

“We thought, how about we just go for a brand that we feel very proud of, and make a bit of a change,” Mr Guldavali said.

The new logo has been adopted by Reliance Group.

It is the company logo with the word Reliance (India) written on it.

“The logo is not the same, but that’s the brand we are,” Mr Raghav said.

In 2017, Reliance said it would invest $500 million into the business, with a target of creating a 200-person workforce.

The company says its business has grown to around 4,500 employees, including 500 from Australia.

Mr Goyal says that was a big jump in the company.

“It was a lot of work, but we did it and we got there.

So, it’s not as if we didn’t work hard,” he said.

Mr Goyal says he believes the company will have to spend some money in the next year to hire additional staff.

Reliance Group has also launched its new branded beers, the Rishikesh, a traditional ale brewed with coconut milk, and the India Pale Ale.

“They’re not very well known, so we will have a couple of months to try and make them available to the consumer,” Mr Cawood said.

The new beers are due to launch in April.


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