How to make it in India: Ganda family business

It’s the story of a family business that grew out of a single mother’s desire to help others and her desire to be known as a philanthropist.

Ganda Bhatti has lived in India for the last six decades, and her husband, Ganda Ganda, is one of the country’s most prominent philanthropists.

They have given millions of dollars to various causes in India and around the world, including the relief efforts for those affected by the Nepal earthquake and flood, the relief work in Myanmar and Bangladesh and the ongoing relief efforts in India.

Gandhi Ganda founded the Gandhi family business in 1949, when he was just 21 years old.

It started as a single family business, he said.

“My family used to take care of the family.

They worked for us,” Ganda Bhanda said.

“We didn’t have any money, we didn’t even have electricity.”

The family had just moved to India and decided to start a small business in order to make ends meet.

“We had no money,” Gandi Bhandas said.

Gandi Bhatta opened Ganda Family Business in 1953, but it was a tough start.

The family was forced to sell their home in India, which had been purchased by a foreign buyer.

“I could only manage a small shop.

My husband sold the shop to us.

The shop was sold, but I couldn’t do anything with it,” Gaida Bhandia said.

In 1954, Gaida Ganda moved to Bangladesh and started a textile manufacturing plant.

But it was in Bangladesh that the business really started to take off.

“The business went very well.

The company grew so much,” Ghanda Bhandap said.

A year later, the family returned to India, and the family began expanding.

“In 1958, my son got the idea of going to the US,” Gaidha Ganda said.

They took a boat trip to the Bay of Bengal and made their way to California.

“It was the only way we could go to the United States,” Ganya Ganda recalled.

It was a difficult decision for the family, but Gaida and his family made the decision to move.

“As we came back to India in 1959, we found the country was very hard,” Gonda Ganda explained.

“There was very little to do, and we couldn’t afford anything.”

Ganda Gaidas father, Gankar Gankas, was a successful businessman in India before his death in 2012.

He had been living in India since 1954 and was a proud Gujarati, Gaidan said.

When Gankara Ganka’s son, Raman Gankan, came to the family to find a place to settle, he also made the trip to California, where Gankalas family lived for over 50 years.

“He came with a small boat and took us to the coast,” Gankaro Gankam said.

Gankarin was the youngest of five children, and was also a skilled fisherman.

Gankar was one of those who were able to help those in need and also help Gankashan Gana, the business partner who is Gankatganda Gankapati, the name given to the business.

The Gankareas are the only family who started the business from scratch.

“You start with nothing.

You work your way up,” Gatta Gankand said.

The business grew to be one of India’s largest family businesses, with employees from over the country and in all parts of the world.

Ganda started a number of businesses in India including a hardware store, a bakery, a hospital, a shoe store, and a clothing store.

Gandan Gaidah has donated millions of rupees to different causes in the last 20 years, including to help people in need, including children in India who have been diagnosed with cancer.

In addition to giving money to many different organizations, Gandan Gankanda has helped many people with his charitable foundation.

He has also given money to the Nepal disaster relief and to a number charities that help the impoverished in India as well.

Gonda Gaidam said the most important thing about Ganda’s philanthropy is that it’s not about giving money.

“If you don’t give money, what’s the point?

What does it mean?”

Gonda said.


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