What’s the deal with the ‘Livestock Feed’ ad? Here’s what it means for the poultry industry

The Livestock Breeders and Exporters Association of America (LFEA) is urging Americans to boycott the new Livestocks Feed ad.

The ad, which was launched in Los Angeles last week, shows a group of women in a farmhouse cooking meat and vegetables.

They’re wearing cute pink leggings and red skirts.

In one scene, they’re holding a basket of chickens while their friends eat chicken breast.

The Livestuffs Feed ad is one of several that LFEA has launched this week, calling on consumers to boycott meat products that feed factory farms and to “refuse to buy” meat from companies that are not certified organic.

The ad’s launch is timed to coincide with the release of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s annual report on sustainable farming.LFEAs executive director of public affairs, Chris Sacca, said the group is concerned about the impact the ad has on consumers, who can’t see the animals being slaughtered.

LFEAs public affairs director, Laura St. Clair, said that the ads’ use of animals in an exploitative manner and the use of stereotypes in the ad are troubling and dangerous.

“I think the message of this ad is that these animals are not real people,” St. Claire said.

“They’re animals that are sold to be used for human consumption.”

The ad is part of an effort by LFEs members to educate the public about the need to protect animals from factory farming.

LfeA is also pushing for Congress to pass legislation that would make it illegal to slaughter animals in factory farms.

“It’s very important that we have the legislation in place so that people can know that factory farms are not just about making money, but actually that animals are living lives of misery,” Sacca said.

St. Clair said the ads were targeted to young people.

“People are so used to eating meat and eggs, so it’s really important that they understand that the meat and egg industry has a big role to play in causing more suffering and more suffering for animals,” she said.

The Farm Sanctuary, a coalition of animal rights and animal welfare groups, is calling on LFE to immediately pull the ad from the air and to apologize to consumers.

In a statement to the New York Times, Farm Sanctuary President John Baca said, “The Farm sanctuary is deeply disappointed by this ad and our membership is calling for its immediate removal.”


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