Businesses will not pay for the president’s tax returns: WSJ

Businesses that want to use the president to further their business interests or to boost their bottom lines will be required to pay for it, the Department of Justice announced Friday.

The rule could affect as many as 20 million businesses and millions of small businesses.

President Donald Trump’s business interests have drawn scrutiny because they are subject to a complex array of rules that can affect a company’s tax liability.

WSJ’s Scott Clement discusses.

Read moreIn a letter to companies, the department said it would provide guidance on the scope and scope of tax payments that businesses can make, and would provide information on how the payments will be calculated.

The department is also reviewing whether or not companies can deduct the cost of complying with the president or his administration’s tax requests.

The IRS and the White House declined to comment.

The administration has made it clear that any tax requests will be handled by the Justice Department, the administration said.

The IRS is also expected to announce the details of its plans to crack down on companies that refuse to cooperate with the administration.

The Trump administration has already threatened to cut off foreign aid to some foreign countries and said it will be tough to work with other countries.

The Department of Labor, which administers workers’ compensation insurance, is also looking into how it will deal with employers who refuse to comply with a Trump administration mandate to pay at least 10 percent of wages.

The rules are a major departure from the Obama administration’s approach, which allowed companies to opt out of paying taxes.

But the Trump administration is likely to be more aggressive in enforcing the rules than Obama did, which it did in part by requiring businesses to offer an option for workers to opt in.


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