Former Trump administration official to Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ team: ‘Make no mistake about it, this is going to be the biggest campaign in the history of the United States’

The Trump administration’s efforts to revamp the nation’s business landscape are already making the headlines.

On Monday, the White House announced that Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and a leading figure in the president’s “America First” agenda, will serve as the new director of the President’s Business Council, a group charged with promoting “America’s economy as a dynamic force for peace and prosperity” in Washington.

The announcement, made during a press briefing at the White house, was made as the administration has been making major moves to revive the nations business sector.

Bannon has already been tapped to lead the council, a new position that has the potential to significantly reshape the way the White Houses administration deals with business.

Bannon, who has been widely described as the presidents economic adviser, has been criticized for his lack of experience in the sector, but he has also been hailed as an economic nationalist who will be a key part of the administration’s effort to make America great again.

The White House is also looking to expand the Council’s work, by creating a new Office of Economic Opportunity, which will work to bring together and support business leaders in the administration.

Bethany Lohman, an assistant secretary for policy in the White’s Office of Management and Budget, said the new office would “engage with leaders of the private sector to explore how to advance our goals to make the country the best place to do business.”

She added, “I know that we can build on what we have done in the private economy.”

While the office is currently being developed, Lohmans announcement was not the first sign of the changes coming to the administration and business community.

In June, President Donald Trump unveiled a new effort to bring business leaders together, calling it “Make America Good Again,” a phrase that is widely seen as a way to promote his policies in the economic realm.

The plan was intended to “rein in excesses in Washington and bring together CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and the broader private sector in the hopes that we could achieve lasting change and create a new economic model for the country,” the Whitehouse said in a statement.

Trump has also pushed his administration to engage with the media and business leaders over the past several months, and has even been known to hold private conversations with CEOs about the importance of the media, as he did on Monday, to his “AmericaFirst” agenda.

Lohmans statement said the Office of Entrepreneurship will “bring together leading leaders of government, business and the media in a shared mission to help guide the administration in making sure that the economic prosperity that is built is shared across the country.”

In addition to Bannon, the administration is also reportedly looking to bring on former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as a “chief economic adviser,” as well as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the former chair of Goldman Sachs, John Thrasher, to serve on the Council.

“We need to make sure that business leaders know that they can speak freely and honestly to the president,” Lohmmans statement added.


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