How ‘Pritzker’ Family Business Insurance Helped Save Thousands of Dollars on Insurance

Pritzker Family Business Insurer has been offering family business owners, especially in the tech and medical industries, the option of having an individual policy for their business, which can save them hundreds of dollars. 

The policy is called Pritzkers Family Business Health Insurance and the policy is available through a range of large and small companies, and is for both male and female employees. 

“When you have a family business in the US, the insurance company will always be one of the largest, and they have a lot of customers,” said Sarah Hildebrand, CEO of Pritzer &Hildebrand Insurance Group. 

She said that in addition to having the individual policy, it can be used for business expenses such as rent, insurance, and mortgage. 

Hildebeld is an entrepreneur and business owner herself, and she was instrumental in getting the policy approved by Pitchers Insurance group. 

In addition to being able to take advantage of a policy that is specifically for a business, Hilferbrand said that the policy also provides a great level of coverage to all employees.

“It gives a lot more value to employees than a regular business plan because it provides coverage that’s comparable to a traditional business plan,” she said.

“This is an insurance policy that’s designed to provide coverage that would be affordable to a business. 

It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely affordable to those who need it.” 

While the policy does not cover a lot, Hildebeard said that it is designed to cover most types of business expenses. 

Pivoting to businesses that are not traditional, there are many reasons why Pritzer Family Business offers a business policy, and one of them is that they want to keep employees safe. 

If someone is injured or has been injured in the workplace, the company has been able to offer policies to help cover the costs, and the policies will also pay for the costs of an emergency medical treatment. 

One of the main benefits that Pritzers Family Business policy provides is a business expense account, which is a type of retirement account that is designed to help keep employees in a safe and healthy place. 

For example, employees can make contributions to the account and it can be invested into any type of asset, including stock, a bond, or a cash reserve, according to Pitiks Family Business Insurers website. 

Employees can also make withdrawals from the account at any time, and if they lose money in the fund, the money is returned to the employees account. 

As a result, employees will have a higher risk of having their investments and assets invested in the future, Hildemarbrand said. 

Other benefits of the policy include a deductible medical expense allowance of $1,000 for the first three years, and then $1 per $1 spent for each additional year of coverage, Hillebrands Insurer says. And it is the policy that has helped Pritters family business insure over 3,000 employees over the last 10 years. 

According to a spokesperson for Piterzer &Hildemann Insure, the policy was approved by a panel of experts including the National Labor Relations Board and the National Institute of Insurance. 

However, Hilferbeld said that she did not see the policy as a gold standard in terms of how to use it. 

There are many policies that do not offer this level of protection to an employee, and she added that she had been considering whether to purchase another policy that could provide similar benefits. 

With all of the benefits that P&P offers its employees, the coverage should be considered the best option for those who need it.


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