Which business are the Biskit Brothers, their children and their business partners in?

Kenyatta’s son, David Biskitt, a partner in the business, said he has been working for the family business for 25 years and said the family’s main aim was to make money.

“We want to create jobs,” he said.

“We don’t want to lose money.

We need to do something’After two decades of doing business, the family has no plans to move on.”

This is a family business and we’re very proud of it.”‘

We need to do something’After two decades of doing business, the family has no plans to move on.

Kenyatta Biskett said the Bikkit family, which started out selling fish and seafood to Japan, decided to focus on making money for its children.

“It’s a good business,” he told Al Jazeera.

“I’ve seen them grow into businesses with a big impact.”

The family business is one of the few businesses that still operates in the remote town of Pangaea, near the southern tip of Australia.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata, who has championed the Bisky family, said the children are proud to have built a business in Australia and he hoped that their experience would encourage other small businesses.

“They have done a great job and they deserve to be recognised for that,” he added.

Kenya’s small fishing industry has suffered from low catch and sustainable fishing, but many people still believe the country’s fishing industry can be saved.

“When we talk about the fishermen, they are just a group of people, they have no power, they don’t have a stake in the country,” said Kenyathia Kenyatunga, head of the Association of Fisheries Producers, who said it was time to stop blaming the government.

“This is about the economy, it is about jobs, it’s about the livelihood of our fishermen, it has nothing to do with politics.”

Follow Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Bisks’ business in Africa:Kenyatun Bisketunga and his wife, Nwokan, opened the first fish shop in Pangaea, Australia’s biggest fishing hub, in 1998, in an attempt to make a living from the fish they caught.

The Bikkits have expanded the business to the rest of Australia’s northern coast, opening up a second shop, in a suburb of Melbourne, a year later.

But the business is not sustainable.

KenYatun said that even though his family has expanded to more than 70 stores across the country, he said they still struggle to keep up with demand.

“Even when we have customers coming, we have a huge backlog, we don’t sell to people every day,” he explained.

“It’s very difficult.”


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