How to get your kids to eat better

This week we asked some parents to tell us how they are managing the busy family dinner table, whether or not they’ve gone vegan, and what tips they’ve come up with.


Make it fun and entertaining  “If you’re doing the right thing, make it fun, because otherwise people will just get bored and just go to the fridge.”

Lisa was a mum of three when her husband, Matthew, decided to take up the plant-based lifestyle.

“He’d been vegan for five years when he was still in college and then decided to give up meat and dairy products and go all vegan.

It’s really a matter of making it fun,” she said.

Lisa, who has three sons aged between four and 11, says her boys love having a snack at dinner time, and she is grateful to them for their love of cooking.

The mum of two says that her sons love making their own food and that she tries to ensure that they have a healthy lunch as a “good sign” of their commitment to a plant-centric diet.

For her, the key to getting her sons to stick to their plant-heavy diets is to make sure that the food is “fairly tasty”.

“If it’s not tasty enough, then they won’t stick to it and they’ll eat whatever they want,” she explained.

This isn’t easy for Lisa, who is a vegetarian, but she has tried her best to keep her sons’ diet as nutritionally balanced as possible.

When it comes to cooking, she has taken inspiration from the recipes of her children.

“[They] all have a very, very healthy, plant-powered cooking system, so it’s really fun to work with them on the recipes,” she added.


Get rid of meat and cheese “For me, the meat and bacon in a steak is a real hit, and the veggie burgers and fries are a great deal.

There are some things you can do to minimise the amount of meat that’s in a burger and a veggie burger, and some of those things can be reduced with cooking techniques that reduce the amount you use.

If you think about the ingredients that go into a steak, the amount that goes into the meat is about the same as the amount in a whole steak.”

“So if you make a whole-grain burger, it’s going to be around 80 per cent meat, 20 per cent vegetable and about 10 per cent fat.

So the amount on a burger is actually much smaller than on a whole beef.”

The vegan mom said that while there are times when she would feel like she should use a “meat” burger, that would only be for those occasions when her children are having a bad day and they’re craving something.

While the number of meat-free burgers on the menu might be growing, she still says that there are plenty of “great veggie options” out there.


Don’t be afraid to eat the small stuff “The small stuff, as well as the big stuff, is the good stuff, so there are all kinds of different things you might be tempted to put on your plate, and if you’re not careful you might end up with some really bad stuff.”

Lisa says that for the first few weeks, her children were reluctant to eat anything at all, but as time went on, their appetite started to improve and they eventually relented.


Make the whole meal fun and interesting “You’ve got to be very careful about how you put the vegetables on the plate, because they can be quite a bit mushy.

I think it’s important to put something really interesting on the table for them to look at, because then they’re more likely to have a really good time.

Make it fun.”

This was a common theme with Lisa’s children, who have been keen to share their favourite things on their plates.


Choose your favourite plant-rich foods “There are so many good things about eating plant-fed, so I’d really recommend going vegan.

I think that if you look at the ingredients on a plate and look at what they’re made of, they’ll be able to tell you which ones are healthy and which ones aren’t.

They might even be able give you a clue as to what the nutrition is of those foods.

Also, when you’re looking for plant- based foods, they’re probably a bit more affordable than if you go vegan.”


Don´t let your kids drink alcohol, unless you’re going for a celebratory occasion “I would avoid it, at least not unless you want to make it a celebration or something special.”

But Lisa doesn’t rule out the option of going to a celebrational occasion with her kids, and encourages them to experiment with different flavours.


Donʙt overdo it with the ice


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